Helping disadvantaged children lead happier, fuller lives.

We enhance the lives of disadvantaged children by addressing their specific needs through targeted community projects. Our work spans Australia and beyond, providing urgent material aid, cultural and indigenous outreach, social justice advocacy and educational tools to facilitate long term change.

In our mission to uplift the lives of disadvantaged children, we focus on the specific needs that often go unnoticed. By implementing targeted community projects, we’ve seen remarkable progress in the well-being and futures of these young individuals. Just as those who read about Baytree casinos find a world where entertainment meets opportunity, we find in our work the chance to change lives.

Now, as we stand on the brink of extending our reach, we face the challenge of supporting the sixth child, who symbolizes the ongoing need for help and the chance to make a significant difference. Your support can turn potential into reality. Will you help the sixth child? Together, we can create a symphony of change that resonates throughout their lives and our communities.

Current Projects


Every year the Sixth Child has a Christmas Campaign which gives gifts to disadvantaged children.


Every year the Sixth Child has a Christmas Campaign which gives gifts to disadvantaged children.


Our commitment to providing educational support to any child that needs it is ongoing.


children is disadvantaged in Australia.

Poverty impacts on young people’s health, education, employment prospects, well-being and social inclusion and increases the likelihood they will be reliant on welfare across their lives. By helping now, we help shape their future.

We dedicate ourselves to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children, tailoring our efforts to meet their unique needs with precision and care through focused community projects. By directly addressing the critical areas that affect their well-being, education, and health, we’re able to make a real difference—one child at a time. Just as in calculating wins: The math of top online casinos, where precision and strategy lead to success, we apply a meticulous approach to ensure that our interventions are both effective and sustainable.

Will you join us in this vital mission and extend your support to the sixth child? Together, we can create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive, free from the constraints of poverty and inequality. Your contribution can turn the tide for these young lives, crafting a future filled with hope and possibility.

How you can help.

The Sixth Child is entirely volunteer run. We keep admin costs as low as possible and are passionate about the full value of your contribution reaching its intended goal without being diluted by operational costs.

Donate towards where we need it most right now and help keep us running

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