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Educational Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The Sixth Child proudly collaborates with esteemed educators across both regional Victoria and metropolitan schools.


The Sixth Child has a mission to provide school uniforms for disadvantaged children.


Every year the Sixth Child has a Christmas Campaign which gives gifts to disadvantaged children.


Our commitment to providing educational support to any child that needs it is ongoing.


Cultural Connections Pilot Program

 “I have great respect for the past. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.”  Maya Angelou

In August 2019 our two directors headed to New Zealand with a local youth member to trial a 7 day Cultural Connections Pilot Program. This program has been designed to address identity issues many indigenous children and young adults face when they are living far removed from their cultural heritage. Knowledge and identity of who we are and where we originate from are so important to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This program aims to impart knowledge of language, customs and tradition, to foster a sense of belonging and understanding.

This particular journey was focused on indigenous Maori culture. We visited the town of Rotorua, where cultural hosts educated, entertained and involved the audience in traditional tribal customs and histories passed down generation to generation. We saw many historical sites – none more famous than the Waitangi Treaty grounds in the Bay Of Islands, which once staged the signing between indigenous tribes throughout New Zealand and the British subjects of the English Queen Victoria in 1840.

The young man also visited his Marae (tribal meeting house). As the first family member of his bloodline for the past 3 generations to set foot on his tribal grounds, it was a significant milestone for his family living in Australia.

We hope to facilitate this program many more times in the future.


Kingsley Park would like to say a Huge “THANK YOU” to Jaime Ramos from the Sixth Child for organising to transform our old sandpit area into a new play space. Jamie along with a team of tradespeople and helpers joined volunteers from the Kingsley Park community, who had all volunteered their time, to help create this amazing new area.

There is a Basketball ring that can be raised and lowered, a Chess Table and a ball shooter that we call “Captain underpants!”

This area was initially created so that one of our students, Tate who is wheelchair bound, was able to join in playground activities at school. This area is open for children to use during school hours. Jaime’s passion and drive to oversee the project and the generosity of The Sixth Child to get this massive project happening for Kingsley Park was certainly one of our Kingsley Park 2022 highlights along with a exceptionally strong feeling of community support. So many members of the Kingsley community have commented how refreshing it is to see the value of “looking out for others” and we are delighted to see that in action!

In addition to this project Kingsley Park received the materials and had built and filled two new sandpits to replace the old one!! We also continue to receive amazing prizes from The Sixth Child for our Kingsley Park “Positive Shoutouts” for our Kingsley Kids. The children’s names are placed on the wheel to be picked by the computer every two weeks in four different age levels. At the end of every term a larger prize is awarded to students in line with our values!

What would we do without the Sixth Child?