The Team

Jaime Ramos

Jaime co-founded The Sixth Child in 2015, as the culmination of a lifelong goal to set up a charity that supported disadvantaged children. Prior to beginning The Sixth Child, Jaime worked in both government and non-government agencies in the family and child welfare space for over 20 years, spanning areas including Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Family Relationships, Parent Teen Conflict, Child Protection, Substance Use, Trauma and Attachment and Out of Home Care.

Jaime manages the day to day operations of The Sixth Child, developing projects and programs, whilst liaising with our professional network and continuing to raise awareness of our mission. As The Sixth Child has grown, he has been thrilled to work with many amazing volunteers and businesses who have supported him in his quest to help disadvantaged children everywhere.

Jaime also operates Stand Up Advocacy, a training and advocacy company focused on helping to negotiate a fair and reasonable outcome, advocating for children and adults who cannot do so themselves.

If he has spare time, he likes to look after his mental health by escaping underwater – scuba diving and taking photos of sea life. When above ground, you’ll find him fanatically watching his beloved Rugby Union.

Dionne Pia

Dee and Jaime co-founded The Sixth Child together in 2015 and Dee has tirelessly worked toward engaging with communities, particularly in Gippsland to achieve better outcomes for children. 

With a ferocious dedication to supporting children who are disadvantaged, Dee has significant concerns in particular for children and youth involved in our Justice systems and is constantly looking for ways to achieve better outcomes for these children.

As a proud Māori woman who hails from Ngapuhi and Tainui lineage, having moved to Australia at the age of 10, she is particularly moved by the plight of Māori Pasifika youth in Australia.

With a deep understanding of the cultural identity crisis that ‘Mossie (Māori Aussie)’ children can often experience, she is passionate about creating programs that will make a real difference. 

As a lover of good books and culture, Dee enjoys immersing herself and learning of other’s cultures and beliefs. Reading which she loves certainly helps however she much prefers to travel and experience firsthand how other people live.