Educational Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

The Sixth Child proudly collaborates with esteemed educators across both regional Victoria and metropolitan schools, fostering an environment that not only enhances attendance but also promotes interactive and enjoyable learning experiences, sparking creativity within the classroom. The invaluable feedback we’ve received underscores the significance of embracing innovative approaches and infusing creative elements into educational tasks, ensuring they align seamlessly with desired academic outcomes.


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In our commitment to making a positive impact, we’ve delivered educational resources, toys, and bikes to 14 primary schools in regional Gippsland, as well as to a secondary college in the same region. Additionally, two secondary schools in metropolitan Melbourne and 13 primary schools in the metro area have benefited from our contributions. Noteworthy achievements include the marked improvement in school attendance rates and the success of our incentive program, which empowers students to opt for positive behaviour while steering away from unfavourable choices.

Our engaging initiatives, such as Lego building exercises, serve as both enjoyable learning tools and effective means of supporting students with self-regulation. Furthermore, the integration of BMX and mountain bikes into Bike Education programs and attendance rewards has proven to be a dynamic and motivational strategy.

The impact on student participation has been transformative, encouraging young minds to approach problem-solving with diverse perspectives and placing critical thinking skills at the forefront of class studies and experiments.

As we look ahead, it remains paramount that we continue providing educational support resources to communities, overcoming challenges at the school, state, and national levels. This commitment defines our mission at The Sixth Child, and the exciting results we witness daily are a testament to the growing confidence and success of the young individuals we are privileged to serve. We eagerly anticipate further stories of achievement and progress as we continue to champion educational excellence and support.